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UNIT 9: MY COMENIUS PROJECT (meeting in Poland - May 2015)


   "BIG ENDING OF OUR COMENIUS PROJECT" travels to Ruda Slaska Cypriot dances teaching session





Contest "Photos of nature of CYPRUS"









UNIT 7: EUROPE (meeting in Smirni - February 2015)






UNIT 6: CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR (meeting in Bulgaria - December 2014)



Our exhibition in Vratsa - Bulgaria 





UNIT 5: MY COUNTRY (meeting in Sicily - Italy



Flora and Fauna of Cyprus






             "Our exhibition in Catania"                                                                  "Activities with italian students"



UNIT 4 : FAIRY TALES (meeting in Tenerife - Spain)



                       "SPANOS AND THE FORTY DRAGONS"                                                     "THE PRINCE OF VENICE"



Our exhibition in Tenerife.                                                          After "story telling"  session. 

Presenting two fairy tales of our country 



UNIT 3: SEASONS (meeting in Xanthi - Greece)





look what we found near Xanthi!



Our exhibition in Xanthi - Greece              This our MASKOT! Made out of "kalami" the characteristic plant of the village Livadia.


UNIT 2: MY SCHOOL (meeting in Vulcan - Romania)


Our exhibition in Romania                                                 Eftymios Georgiades, one of our teachers who visited Romania, presenting to our students his trip,                                                                                                 experiences and outcomes               




"My school". In this video you can find students' works about their school.

How do they see it in present and in the future. 




UNIT 1 : MY FAMILY (meeting in Livadia - Cyprus)


Our students made fabulous paintings about their families. Then they exhibited them at the first meeting of the comenius partners, that took place in our school! 




Students also created beautiful wooden frames, for the photos of their families. Here are some of their hand made frames.



The whole school, students, teachers, parents... took part in the preparations for the first meeting of the representatives of the co-operative schools. In this film you can have a small taste of the preparations taking placing in Cyprus.











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italy said

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at 6:23 am on Dec 18, 2013

Very nice video about the meetin in Cyprus. Good job!!

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at 2:54 am on Dec 27, 2013

bravo for you're videos, they are great

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